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Google Places Optimization – To Gain a Competitive Edge in the Local Market

Google Places is one of the most reliable marketing tools for businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in expensive online marketing services, yet want to leap ahead of the competition. This free tool allows local shops and companies to submit their business information so that their information can be listed on top of most of Google’s organic search results along with a map.

Through Google Places optimization local businesses stand a strong chance to beat millions of other websites in the same industry. Mostly, the Google Places listings show in the top 7 positions of the organic search results, which can invaluable to your business. But the question is – When traditional SEO techniques can bring a business to top ranking, then why invest in Google Places? The answer to this question can be better understood from the following points –

  • Local advantage– Google Places is part of search engine optimization services and is primarily meant to help local businesses get into the limelight. Businesses like barber shops, plumbing, car washing, automobile maintenance etc. can greatly benefit from this service as they can promote themselves in the particular city or town where they operate.
  • You can survive even without a website– Having a website is always an added advantage for local businesses. But even without one, these businesses can still establish a strong online presence and compete with stronger brands. In tradition search engine optimization, one needs to invest in professional website design so that their site appears on page one of Google.
  • FREE process that requires minimum SEO efforts– You can set up your Google Places account absolutely free of cost. All you need to invest in is a little time to optimise your business listing with the help of reliable and valuable description about your business from SEO-point of view.
  • Credibility– Its association with the search engine giant, Google, makes its results more reliable and trustworthy for the users. Moreover, top ranking on page one is another factor that makes Google Places business listings more attractive for the target audience.

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